Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Importance of Halloween

I love Halloween. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Each and every year, starting in August, I spend hours scouring the internet for cute costumes for the entire family.

I love it so much, that after Kelly & Chad’s Halloween party in 2007, I went home with my husband and got myself pregnant.

Ian doesn’t like the whole “dress up” part of the holiday, which is understandable for a guy. Every costume I show him on the internet is “gay” or “really gay, I’m not wearing that,” “hell no,” or “what the f—k is that? I’m NOT wearing that.”

Usually, I end up spending weeks picking out a cute costume for me, and then I order Ian’s on the sly (a costume to compliment mine, of course.) He rarely knows what he is going to be until the night of the party. I usually pour him a stiff drink, and lay out his costume on the bed. If he doesn’t like it, by then…well, it’s just too late. He makes himself feel better by putting on this stupid fake mustache each and every year, whether it goes with the costume or not.

This year, I am being Cleopatra and Ian is being Marc Anthony. For the first year ever, I am showing my stomach on Halloween. Not my best body part--my boobs were the best, until 9 months of breastfeeding took their toll—but I figure, this may be my last chance to show my stomach on Halloween, so I’m going big. If all goes according to plan, by Halloween 2010, I will be newly pregnant. And who knows WHEN I will be able to show my stomach in public again after two kids! I figure I’ll have to wait after the “Mommy Makeover,” when I turn 40.

To prepare, I’ve been eating smoothies and cereal for breakfast instead of the usual pancakes and eggs. I’ve also been doing lots of ab work in addition to Stroller Strides. I just hope I don’t pass out from holding in my stomach all night.

I showed my mom the picture of the model dressed up in the costume on the outside packaging.
“Wow,” she said.

“Wow what?” I asked, immediately suspicious.

“Well…it’s just that….you have a lot to live up to,” she replied.

Thanks mom!

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