Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Does Drinking Wine Qualify as a Hobby? And other pressing questions.

The other day, someone asked me if I had any "hobbies." Hobbies. Hobbies?

I was dumbfounded. You might as well have asked me what was the square root of 4958.

"Uh....hobbies, yes I do!" I answered, eager to prove to this person that I had hobbies. " Stroller Strides with my daughter, it's a great way to get in shape outside with your kid! We also do lots of playdates. Oh yeah, and we take a great music class! SUPER fun."

"Oh," she said. "Do you do know...just for you?" Mind you, this person does NOT have a kid.

"I sure do," I answered, then drew a blank. "I like to read?" PAUSE. "And drink wine?"

Hmmm. When I asked this person what HER hobbies were, they ranged from rock climbing to poetry to Zumba dancing. (Did I remind you, she doesn't have a kid?) Wait a second here. Why did this conversation make me feel like such a loser?

The thing is, pre-baby, I had TONS of hobbies, loads of them! I was a cool, sassy, chick-about-town, always up for an adventure, and full of many talents! My past hobbies have included: flamenco dancing, guitar, belly dancing, hip hop dancing, yoga, oil painting, sailing, snowboarding, and even nonprofit work for La Jolla Friends of the Seals and the Barrio Logan College Institute.

I used to be a woman of so many interests and talents! How did they all...dwindle? True, I LOVE being a mom, and I work part time, and I'm a devoted wife helping my husband with his business, so my schedule is pretty full. But don't I have time for SOME hobbies? Couldn't I muster up enough energy to take a yoga class? What about starting a painting?

My other mommy friends still have hobbies. My friend Adaline started a baby blog. My friend Liz is an artist. My friend Julia is starting a jewelry business. My friend Jenny has a farm that makes organic olive oil. Andrea can grow a watermelon the size of a 3-year-old. My sister Christy is sewing up a storm. Charity and Grace surf. Claudia does yoga. My friend Becca is turning her hobby--party decor and styling--into a business. I'm sure my other mommy friends have hobbies too; I just don't know what they are yet.

So, even if I can't garner enough enthusiasm for a hip-hop class or to plant some veggies, I can still write, dammit! So...starting today, I pledge, to take at least SOME time for myself and write in this blog. Not only is it super fun, but it qualifies as a bonafide HOBBY!

So take that cigar and smoke it.

Are you a mommy with a hobby? What are your hobbies?


  1. How do you define a hobby when you have no spare time???

    So this one hit close to home and made me chuckle because sooo many mothers out there can relate. :)

    Here I am, a full time working mother of two. My hobbies are gardening (okay that really isn't a hobby for me because I plant the seeds, water (crap that reminds me I forgot to water today), and wait for the veggies to grow (impatiently might I add). I am not interested in learning the genus/species of my tomatoes, or cross breeding new organic strings beans. All I want to do is eat the food).

    I run(but I can't say that is something I like doing, it's only out of necessity because I don't want to pay $300+ a month to park at work, so I run a mile to and from the tram).

    I love to kayak, but unfortunaley I can't construe this as a hobby either because of my lack of time to invest. Going out 3-4 times a summer doesn't make this a hobby, or does it?

    Why can't I have a life, outside of the day in/day out that helps define who I am!! Ugh..

    Though, I do have one hobby that I know all mothers can relate to (well the good ones at least). My hobby is making sure that my children experience every aspect of life. Whether it be through sports, music, theater, dance, gymnastics, reading. I hate to say it but my hobbies are obtained through them and watching them realize a sense of accomplishment makes my sacrafice of needed selfishness fade away.

    So pretty much all mothers can add one more hobby to their list.

    - Being a good Mom

  2. Ha, well-said Shelly! I totally agree! It is so fun and rewarding watching your own children grow and establish their own hobbies and sense of identity. I think that's why I don't feel a great sense urgency to do my own stuff. We'll have plenty of time for more of our own stuff when our kids are grown up :)

  3. OMG, first of all do I KNOW your hobbies... LOTS of them... ready?
    taking Marley to dance class and the excitement you shared
    taking Marley to swim class
    taking Marley to music class
    taking Marley to anything that will make her an outgoing, adventurous, cultured, worldly, smart, caring, beautiful young woman like her mommy
    supporting Ian at a boat show
    making time for your girlfriends
    creating activities with your friends involving their kids (baby disco)
    creating activities with your friends without kids (bar crawls)
    hosting a wine bus party
    throwing cool parties for Marley
    driving hours to go to other parties and get togethers
    being a loyal girlfriend
    making other people laugh (especially me, c'mon burrito the night before child birth???)

    Your hobby is being selfless and I feel like crying because you are a very dear and special friend to me. It's because of your hobbies that I love you and will be friends with you for life. Yes, drinking is a hobby too especially when it brings us all together so I look forward to our 10/29 Baby Disco/halloween/drinking party weekend

    LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oh and one more thing, I LOVE READING THIS

  4. I'm not sure if this is correct but if you did it before then can it still qualify as one of your hobbies/interests? I still say i'm a flamenco dancer even though I haven't danced in 8months. I think if you are still interested in it and you have hopes to one day continue it then you can still qualify as a hobbiest :-)

    Taking out time to be a good mama is better then a hobby it's a lifetime commitment that will bring you more sense of self when you look back then any hobby ever will.

    AND YES WINE IS A HOBBY and I try and stay very connected to that hobby atleast a few times a week that's what keeps me dreaming of going back to old hobbies ha!
    Christine you ROCK and keep writing I love it!!!

  5. Wow thanks ladies for the encouragement! I am COOL! I have HOBBIES! Love you all!

  6. According to Wikipedia...
    A hobby is an activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation , typically done during one's leisure time. ...Enough said

    Being a great mom all day, a wonderful wife and keeping yourself beautiful does not leave a lot of leisure time. Don't know about you but not having a real HOBBY is ok with me.

    Yes, drinking wine can be a hobby. You drink for pleasure and relaxation.

    Keep up the writing. Love it

  7. That's right Adaline...we all need to remember to keep ourselves beautiful! good reminder :)

  8. yeah, it definitely seems like you have feels so good to do a few things you love to do! i'm finally realizing this too! i love your blog so keep writing...i'm putting you in my reader. xo