Thursday, September 23, 2010


"Who's watching Marley when you go to Vegas next week?" asks my well-meaning friend.

"Actually, she's coming with us," I answer. Friend's eyebrows shoot up--WAY up. "Oh, okay....well, that will be fun."

Will it?

See, Ian's grandma, Barbara, has a timeshare. And she's very generous with it. We used it on our honeymoon in St. Martin, and in Cabo and Playa del Carmen. Turns out, she had a bunch of points that were set to "expire," which means you never get them back. So, she asked us to take some points off her hands. We gladly obliged.

The only catch? We had to plan our trip before October of this year. Needless to say, ALL the good resorts were taken. We were hoping to go to Hawaii, or up to Santa Barbara. No can-do. Then we thought...hmm...what about our old friend, Vegas?

Immediately we decided that we should leave Marley behind. Until we thought about it a little more.

What do we like doing in Vegas?
We like to eat at the buffets. (Marley likes to eat at buffets.)
We like to swim in the pool. (Marley likes to swim in the pool.)
We like to see cool stuff. (Marley likes to see cool stuff.)
We like to drink. (Marley does not drink, but drinking in her presence is easily achievable.)

What we DON'T like to do--anymore at least--is to stay out dancing until 2 in the morning. In fact, if I have more than 3 drinks and stay up past 10pm, I turn into a crazed zombie, and puke my guts out the next day. So partying is out, regardless.

So...why not just take her?

Actually, I've had a blast planning our itinerary. We are staying at the Wyndam, a "family-friendly hotel" located 1 mile off the strip. We have a suite with 2 full bedrooms and a kitchen, so we can stock up on milk, juice, and cheese sticks, not to mention beer and wine!

Here's what we're planning to do:

-Dinner at the Rainforest Cafe, where supposedly a bunch of citters jump out of the trees and sing and dance
-Brunch at the Mandalay Bay
-Shark Reef Exhibit at the Mandalay Bay
-Shopping at the Forum at Caesers, with a stop at FAO Schwartz
-Buffet at the Mirage
-Visit to the Secret Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage
-Visit to the Lion Habitat at the MGM Grand
-Plenty of time splashing around in the hotel pool!
And, I have a couple more options to keep in my back pocket, just in case...
-Circus Circus, where apparently they have a kiddy play area, and acrobatic shows every 15 minutes
-The Fun Dungeon Arcade at Excalibur
Whew! So, yes, I THINK it will be a fun trip. Can we pull off Vegas with a kid? We'll see...I'll post the results of our trip next week.
Anyone traveled to Vegas with a toddler? Please share the hits and misses!


  1. you'll have a great time! we were there a couple of months ago with noah. a couple of friends were getting married and we went for the bachelor/bachelorette parties. that night our friend's 15 year old cousin watched n for us while he slept in the other room of the suite and i was back by 10 pm, so like you said, no hardcore partying, but there's plenty to do there- we did the same as you, pool, buffets, shopping, was fine!

  2. I forgot to ask if you got stuck in the revolving Doors... I should have sued Vegas 10 years ago when this happened to me as you laughed at my helpless body trapped between the door and the casino... haha!