Sunday, October 11, 2009

Marley and the Four Seasons

Marley is quite taken with the "Four Seasons" by Vivaldi. I started playing the CD in her room to calm her during diaper changes. In fact, she's grown to expect classical music every time I change her diaper. And she always lets me know if I forget to turn it on. By screaming, of course--her preferred method of communication.

Vivaldi has even become part of our nighttime routine. When 7:30pm rolls around, I'll say, "'s sleepy time," and I'll make the sign for "sleepy." She'll woefully look up from whatever she's doing, and reluctantly trudge towards her room. She'll turn and make one last pause, mournfully waving goodbye to whoever is up in the living room. She'll walk right up to her crib and reach up her arms, waiting to be lifted into her bed. I'll play the last song on the Vivaldi CD and kiss her goodnight. She'll stand up, again sorrowful and sad, and give me one last, woeful wave as I close the nursery door, leaving her to the music and the night.

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