Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Why Does My Husband Want me to Dress Like a Stripper?

Exhibit A.

This is just the sort of classy ensemble my husband will point out in a store window. Or worse, on a live human. "Wow, what a hot dress!" he'll say. "You should wear something like that!"

Last week, we were in Vegas all of two hours before it happened. Ian spies a super slutty dress in a store window, and is mesmerized.

"Wow, what a hot dress," he says. "You should get it!"

Sure, it's flattering Ian thinks I can pull off a dress like that. But I can't. (And shouldn't.) Besides, I already dress up like a slut one day out of the's called HALLOWEEN.

And it's not like I'm a nun! I've been known to rock some pretty short skirts. And back when I had nice boobs, before Marley sucked the life out of them, I was always showing off my cleavage.

Back to the dress.

"Um, that's a little skimpy," I reply.

"But we're in Vegas," he protests. It's true. We are in Vegas. But we are on a family vacation in Vegas. I am pushing my child in a stroller, for Chrissake!

"That dress is ugly," I say.

Case closed.

Anyone else out there have a husband who wants them to dress like a stripper in broad daylight? Please tell me I'm not the only one!

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  1. Haha...yep, same here. Sort of a Vegas showgirl type of thing.

  2. OK glad it's not just me!!! :)

  3. You look great to me. Really great, he's sooooo lucky, he should encourage you to dress however you want and thank God you're with him. Just my opinion. Red- blooded American Man. Take care.

  4. Why thank you, Anonymous one. Sadly, this picture is not of me. My boobs looked like that once, but no longer. (Well, not quite that big.) And my ass has never looked like that.

  5. When I was in college, I asked my boyfriend what men thought women should wear, and he said, "Things that are soft and look like they would come off easily." Sometimes, you can find things that meet this criteria, but don't make you look like a stripper, and your husband will be thrilled. (If that matters.) ;)

    Love your blog!

  6. Ha! I enjoy wearing things that are soft and come off easily! Good call. :) Glad you like the blog! thanks for posting.

  7. Hi I am divya 30y my body shape is like pear shaped I have three kids 2girls age 8&6 one more boy just one year . My husband wants me to wear a nice heavy Saree on my sister in law wedding and he wants me my Saree should matching with his dress and my kids pl help me to him happy

  8. Men love to see women in sexy clothes. Women on the other hand tend to dress for other women and not for the guy they are with. If more women tried a little more in this area it would make men so much happier. In fact women could get so much more of what they want so much easier. I know this sounds harsh but ladies it's true. Try to dress once in awhile the way your guy wants you to. You might enjoy it. And know you don't have to agree to the first dress he sees.

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