Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ode to

How do I love thee, my
You're a friend when I need one the most.
You deliver treasures so great in brown, cardboard crate
Before I can butter my toast.

How do I love thee, my point-and-click friend?
I drag and drop into my cart
Pink princess pull-ups, organic fruit-rollups
No more trips to Target and Wal-Mart!

From carseats to baby wipes, to diaper cream (all types)
You never let me down.
Need some Earth's Best carrots? Or butterfly barrettes?
No need to drive all over town!

Whether your Bjorn or Ergo, Britax or Graco
Pampers or Seventh Generation
It's all there for you, organic and plastic
Oh praise, joy and elation!

And when I just haven't reached free shipping
You always let me know.
Just five dollars away? Check out the sales today!
And score, "Potty Time with Elmo."

And now that you've released
My ecstasy's at its height
From Garnier hair-dye to Saline (sensitive eye)
Shopping's never felt so right!

Don't ever leave me, my
My life would spiral into despair.
I'd have to get in my car, and travel afar
(And figure out something to wear.)


  1. Very cute. I love me some Diapers & I save money and time unlike Target trips.

  2. Seriously, I can't get out of Target without spending at least $75! So many tempting distractions!

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