Friday, April 15, 2011

Overheard During Marley's Quiet Time

Since Marley has aborted naps roughly 70% of the time, we have implemented a new "Quiet Time" policy. Quiet Time starts at about 1pm and lasts for one hour. During Quiet Time, Marley is allowed to play (quietly) with some choice toys in her room.

Lately, she's been really into her princess castle. The princess castle has a doorbell (I had no idea castles came with doorbells) and it receives many visitors and guests...mainly Snow White, Cinderella, Jasmine, and Sleeping Beauty.

Even with her door closed, I can hear the lively interactions between all the different princesses as they enter the castle.

But yesterday during Quiet Time, the castle received a new group of guests. This is what I heard.

DING DONG. Hi Daddy! It's Daddy. Come in Daddy! Daddy, do you have any MONEY for Marley? I want to buy new DVD.  You do? Thank you Daddy. Thank you for the MONEY. I love you SO much! I'm going to buy Tangled. It's your favorite? It's Marley's favorite TOO! OK, bye-bye, see you next time!

DING DONG. Who is it? It's Nanna! Hi Nanna! Do you have any MONEY for Marley? Where is your MONEY? You do? Thank you Nanna! Do you want a cookie? Ok, bye-bye...see you next time!

DING DONG. Hi Mamma! Do you have any MONEY for Marley?  You DON'T? You don't have any MONEY? OK, see you later!

Yup. That's my daughter. At two-and-a-half, she is groveling for MONEY from her loved ones, rewarding the ones who cough it up with love and cookies. And unceremoniously booting the ones that don't have any MONEY.

So like a good mom, what do I do to encourage the habit? I got her a piggy bank.

I guess it's just like the' money, mo' problems.

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  1. LOL, they learn early don't they! My son is constantly trying to negotiate a buck or two out of me. How old does he have to be for me to make him get a job?

  2. Seriously! If only the child labor laws weren't so strict. :) They are sly little things! Thanks for the comment, Kat!

  3. My son loves to go to Chucky Cheese. He says, "Mommy, we need to go feed the mouse some money."