Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Best Mom Clothes: My Top 11 Items!

So the other day I found myself on Gilt again, hoarding items into my shopping cart. They included a fun, flirty dress, some cute platforms (great for fun nights out on the town) and some cute pants (perfect for work!)

Then reality hit.

What the f-ck was I doing? I don't go out, and I rarely work. Why in the heck am I spending my money on items that will rarely--if ever--see the light of day?  When day after day, I reach for my same beat-up juicy tracksuit or my leggings with the rip in the crotch?

My friend Becca from A Blissful Nest set me straight when she came over for a visit a couple of months ago.

"Christine," she said. "What you need is cute mom clothes. MOM CLOTHES!"

"You are SO right!" I said. "Why am I buying all this other crap? I need MOM CLOTHES!" I need clothes for the park, for Stroller Strides and for storytime at the library. I need clothes for doing laundry and cleaning up spit up and trips to Boneys. I need clothes that won't make me look like a total slob but that can still get pooped on.

So here are my top picks for Best Mom Clothes!

1. Toms Shoes. These shoes are ridiculously comfy and a cool, and put an edgy, flippant spin on any outfit. Love all the sassy new colors and materials! I just bought these crochet ones. LOVE them!

2. Flip flops--casual. I love these super comfy flippies for walks around town. My feet could not feel better!

3. Flip flops--dressy. I love these Tory Birch flip flops. They instantly dress up any outfit. Yes, they are super pricey, but they are soooo worth it! (Insider tip: sign up on their website for their email list, and you'll get a 20% off coupon to use on your birthday. Whoohoo!)

4. Tunic-style tops. They cover the belly and can be worn over jeggings. Yee-ha!

5. Jeggings. Love me some jeggings. Why endure painful jeans when you can rock it in your jeggings?

6. Baby-doll sundresses. They emphasize the milk-engorged boobs while hiding your fat stomach. Yes!

7. Drawstring pants. I love these rip curl drawstring pants. They are soft and flattering!

8. Scarves. I've found that these frisky scarves sass up any outfit and also hid a bulging belly!

9. Yoga clothes. Even if you'd rather down a shot of tequila then do a downward dog, yoga clothes make you feel relaxed, peaceful and ethereal. All the yoga moms I know have placid smiles on their unlined, serene faces and look slightly drugged. I strive for this. This is who I want to be.

10. Juicy tracksuits. I know, I know, some of you hate these. I laugh at myself sometimes when I wear them. But unless you get them in bubble gum pink, they are decidedly comfy and cute. And hello, it is a TRACKSUIT people, which means you don't have to try and match tops and bottoms on four hours of sleep. Score!

11. Backpack. You are always on the go, so you need a cute backpack to stay hands-free so you can smack your kids when they are being bad. JUST KIDDING. I like this one from Urban Outfitters!

Did I miss something? What is your favorite item of Mom Clothes?


  1. This is pretty good!!! Great shoes, love the jeggins and the tunnic and of course the scarves!! Yoga outfits are a must!!
    I am not sure about that specific cute white baby doll sundress. It will not cover even the nipples of my engorge bubs and I can not see my self in that running after Luca and bending over or sitting on the floor with Kiara, ja ja ja :)
    As always I love your post :)

  2. HA, true dat...what was I thinking? No one needs to be exposed to a way-ward areola! Thanks Claudia! xoxo

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