Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm Not Your Bitch!

Seriously. Just because I am a real estate agent and I work on commission doesn't mean that I'm your bitch.

No, I'm not that desperate to make a sale that I will work with RUDE people. And I don't think anyone should be. Life is too short to work for people that make you feel like crap.

But real estate is one of those jobs that seems to bring out the ugly side of people, and everyone seems to think that we make easy money (we don't) and are desperate to make sales at any cost (we aren't) and as such, people can treat us like crap (they can't.)

To be fair, I work with my mom, and I don't show property or write contracts anymore. For the time being I am focusing on staying home with the kids. I only do lead generation, website updates, blog posts, and SEO...that sort of thing.  I also specialize in wiping butts, cleaning spitup, doing endless loads of laundry and spending a ridiculous amount of money on Diapers.com. Anyway, when we get an internet lead, I'm the one that follows up via email and sets up property email alerts. My mom does all the rest. God bless her!

(Let's just say, showing bank-owned foreclosures with my baby in the Bjorn with one-legged bums on the front porch smoking weed and drinking Jack Daniels wasn't my cup of tea.)

When we got an online lead this morning from someone looking to buy a home in Imperial Beach, I responded pretty quickly. I found out that the buyer was looking for a detached home in Imperial Beach under $400,000, but was currently living in Japan and wouldn't be able to look at homes until Christmas. Not exactly a hot lead, but certainly a potential buyer!

I responded saying that the best way to familiarize herself from the market from abroad was to get set up on automatic email alerts for properties that match her search criteria. I told her I'd be happy to do that for her, and when she got closer to actually buying, we could narrow things down a bit.

So I set her up and sent her a list of properties. I made sure they were close enough to the beach in Imperial Beach, which she wanted...and that they all had the 2 plus bedrooms and garage she was looking for. I tried to narrow the search for homes with big backyards, like she wanted, but that's pretty impossible to do. Anyway, I set her up on a good alert system. This is the response I got:

"Well wow. That's just the sort of help I needed. For you to type in exactly the same filters as me and come up with all the same houses I've looked at online. Your obviously not that bothered about making money then. Cheers."

Really? Really? Is that really necessary? Sorry lady, but I'm not f-cking Houdini. I can't conjure up exactly what homes will be on the market in DECEMBER when you are flying out and whether or not the gardening space is sufficent.

This is how I responded.

"You have a black heart and a sad life. I hate you. I hate you and your black, evil heart. Cheers."

Just kidding! Being the professional person that I am, I responded as such.

"OK. Since you obviously don't value getting information on new listings as soon as they come on the market (most people do), I will remove you from our email list.

Best of luck in your home search. I'm sure you will find a great agent to help you out.

Stay classy. I hate you. Best,

Anyone else getting treated like crap in their jobs lately? If so, please share, and help me feel better about myself!


  1. HA! I'm working with family members and just typed in google, 'the role of a realtor, I'm not your bitch'. My family member was making me drive 45 minutes everytime she needed to sign a paper as "she doesn't email, her computer's broken, and there's no access to a printer.' As we approach closing, she spoke to the closing officer and told them to email everything to her - and that she would print it off of her daughters computer - who lives in the same house with her!!!! Really??? Really??????? Apparently, I'm shit on her shoes. That's just one of many examples throughout this transaction. Oh... and her dead mother sold the house.... I had nothing to do with it.

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