Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Icing on the Cupcake

It's that time of year again...that's right, it's birthday season!

Today we attended two fabulous birthday parties. The first was a surprise party for Marley's little friend Amoret who is five. Big girl! Although Marley was the youngest girl there at two-and-a-half, she made me proud.

The party was held at the Children's Museum in San Diego, which by the way, is an amazing place to have a party. Complete with a giant tunnel bouncer, a climbing wall and forced activities with clay, the kiddos were all smiles.

We managed to make it through the morning unscathed. No owies, no potty incidents and no major tantrums. Then, it was cupcake time! Like a true pro, Marley does not actually eat her cupcake, but instead consumes only the icing by licking it off. I sat across the room from her, watching her devour her cupcake (er, the icing) meditating on just how cute and perfect my little girl is. Then, out of the blue, I see her take her hand and scoop all the icing off the cupcake of the little boy sitting next to her when his back is turned. Uh-oh! I jump up, and in slow motion, run to her side of the table, trying to be nonchalant.

Before I can get to her, she licks some of the purloined icing off her hand. Then she looks down at her hand, horrified at the goopy mess of icing left. "Hmm, what to do?" I can almost see her ponder. NOOO! I scream inwardly, knowing that it wasn't going to be pretty.

Sure enough, she takes her hand, full of icing, and wipes it down the back of the girl sitting next to her.

"All done!" she announces. My little angel!

Thankfully, the little girl was unaware of the assault. So I swiftly scooped the icing off her back with a paper towel, all under cover-like.

"We'll talk about this later!" I hissed at Marley. No sense in drawing attention to the incident.

Good times.

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