Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mommy, You Broke the Car!

I was minding my own business, singing along to Madonna, backing out of my space at the Kaiser parking garage when... CRUNCH!!! I hit a big parking post, HARD! It was huge, how did I not SEE that? I hit it so hard, I was sure that the damage was going to be dismal. I could have pulled over and inspected the carnage then and there, but why ruin a perfectly-fine 20 minute drive home? Better to carry on with Madonna and view the wreckage when I got back to my little Island. When I got home, I cautiously got out of my car and braced myself for the worst. I suspected the entire back bumper, and possibly the whole back end of the car, was smashed in. And what I saw was... Not that bad! Then I walked around to the other side of the car and...
oopsies!!! Well, I guess that explained the crunching sound.

When I picked up Marley from my mom's house, Marley noticed the damage immediately.

"UH-OH MOMMY, UH-OH!" she said, pointing to the broken taillight. "Mommy, you BROKE THE CAR." She looked up at me, her eyes wide in amazement. "It's BROKEN."

I smiled sheepishly. "It's true, Marley," I said. "Mommy broke the car. But it was an accident."

Marley thought about this for a second. Then she shrugged, smiled, and broke into song...a lovely little diddy called "Accidents Happen" from Elmo's Potty Time DVD.

"Accidents happen, yes they doooo...accidents happen, to me and you....accidents happen, and that's Okay! See, it's okay Momma!"

Now, if only my husband would give me the same reaction when he sees the car...

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  1. Aww Marley is so sweet! Just que her up to tell daddy - "It's okay daddy, see it's okay!"

  2. Ha, luckily Ian had a few glasses of wine before he saw the damage--I think Daddy was actually excited to order new tailights for the car and have a project! Good thing he's so handy!

  3. When we were first married, on Jim's birthday, I was in a crazy rush to get to work and I backed up out of the garage. Did I mention I forgot to open the garage door?

  4. no way! That is awesome, makes me feel better for all my self-imposed car accidents! :)

  5. I would leave the singing along to Madonna part when you tell him.

  6. Happens to all of us.
    Hope Papa didn't preach :)

  7. Yikes! I've done that before. I wish I had known that Elmo's Potty Time song then.

  8. I think I would let Marley break the news to him.

  9. Ha, thanks for your comments people! And luckily, Papa didn't preach too much...and is actually excited about installing new "cooler" tail lights. :) Go figure!