Friday, March 18, 2011

Why I'm Boycotting Maternity Clothes...or, Top 10 Places to Buy Non-Maternity Clothes when You are Preggers

Maternity clothes...AGH, what a rip off! Sure, they require more fabric than normal clothes, but HELLO, do they really have to mark them up so much? Seems to me the average maternity garment costs DOUBLE the price of a non-maternity item with the same fabric and style.

Here's the thing that makes me really mad....they KNOW that pregnant women are hormonal, anxious, and feeling fat. They KNOW that shopping when you are 30 pounds bigger in the middle, tired, dying to go pee, possibly carting along a crazed two-year-old, is troublesome and depressing. So they are TAKING ADVANTAGE of us in our sorry, weakened state.

This has to stop!

And so...I'm calling for a MATERNITY CLOTHING BOYCOTT.

Pea-in-the-Pod, you make-me-puke. $185 maternity jeans? I think not. So here, for your reading enjoyment, I have listed the Top Ten Places to Score Non-Maternity Clothes when You are Pregnant.

1. Old Navy. I loooove me some Old Navy! First off, their stuff is cheap. Secondly, all you have to do is buy that cute sundress or tunic in a medium or large, and you're ready to party! I bought a dress for a bachlorette party and two more for upcoming weddings.

2. Forever 21. Again, cheap and cute stuff that you won't mind stretching out a bit. Keep in mind, they generally operate under juniors sizing, so you'll probably be getting a large in most items.

3. Charlotte Russe...same as above!

4. Wal-Mart. You have to go there anyway to stock up on some basics for the nursery, so you might as well check out their apparel. I've scored some cute, super-long 80's print t-shirts that are perfect for working out and running around town.

5. If you've seen my post on Gilt, you know I love this site. Well they have great yoga clothes and tank tops on sale made from nice, super-soft cotton. I just ordered some Michael Stars tanks in a large to get me through the last hot months of pregnancy.

6. Target. If you're like me, you know you can't leave that store without dropping a minimum of $150. Might as well contribute to the pregnancy wardrobe while you're spending all that dough.(But stay the hell OUT of the maternity section--they mark their sh-t up too! Just buy larger sizes in the normal section.)

7. Kate's at the Hotel Del. Yes they are more expensive, but they have great sales on designer clothes. Score a cute trapeze dress or baby-doll top super cheap!

8. The discount shops. TJ Max and Marshalls are my favs. Buy some organic, super soft tops and stretchy pants you'll live (and grow in) for the next few months.

9. Your friends. Ask other mommy friends if they have any pregnancy clothes they are anxious to get rid of. My friend Cyndi hooked me up with an insane baby-doll style dress that made my engorged boobs look great! Thanks Cyndi!

10. Your closet. Don't forget to shop your closet! Do you have a cute, cheap cotton dress that you could turn into a shirt and wear with leggings? How about that shirt that was always a little too loose? With your new pregnancy boobs and belly, chances are, it will fit just right!

And BAM! You have a rockin' new pregnancy wardrobe, without contributing to the gratuitous, predatory world of maternity clothing marketing.

And if you have any shopping tips to add, please share...inquiring (and anxious and hormonal) minds want to know!


  1. I SO AGREE!!! Old Navy was my go-to!!!

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