Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Stay-at-Home Mom's Affair with a Juicy Tracksuit

I have a brown one. I have a blue one. I have a turquoise one. I even have the fake ones they sell at the Closet in Sports Arena for $10 a pop.

I admit it: I'm a sucker for Juicy tracksuits. Yes, they are kinda cheesy and lame, and are probably going the way of the Christian Audigier line after Jon started getting his photo snapped in Ed Hardy t-shirts, talking on his cell phone to skanky younger chicks.

Yes, when I think of the Juicy tracksuit, I think of Poway stay-at-home moms with big boobs and collagen lips. (No offense to any Poway moms with big boobs...but the collagen lips, really?) But the thing is, Juicy tracksuits are! And, as a stay-at-home mom myself, there is something wonderfully soothing about them.

I can throw one on and not WORRY about trying to match because it ALREADY MATCHES! I can wear one to Stroller Strides, go straight to music class and the grocery store without ever changing clothes. I can wear them with UGGs, flip flops, or tennies.

They make me feel young and spry. They put a little spring in my step. They even make me harbor the secret delusion that my butt is what is stamped across it...JUICY. They are playful and frisky, like the PT Cruisers of lounge wear.

Also, I don't have to suck in. I can even wear them pregnant because the pants ride so low...although I'm for sure stretching out the zip up hoodies!

Although I would never, ever advocate paying full price (hello, $200 for a TRACKSUIT, people?) I certainly have no problem buying them on discount at Nordstrom Rack, Loehmans, and my all-time fav, TJ Max.

Come on, admit it. You know you have one. What do YOU love about your Juicy tracksuit?


  1. Haha...yep, I agree. It's nice to think of ourselves as advertised..."Juicy." :)

  2. So, after leaving you all hanging with the mother of all scheduling dilemmas (and I just know you've been on tenterhooks waiting for news on both fronts), followed by my long radio silence, it would probably be easy for you to assume everything went disastrously belly up, nothing worked out, and that's why I've been so quiet and sad. Chandals