Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday is for...Websites I Love!

If you've read my posts on Gilt and, you know I'm a sucker for online shopping. What's not to love? Not only does it help you be beautiful and fashionable, but online shopping keeps you and your house smelling fresh and clean! (Hello, And as any seasoned shopper knows, the intricate and mystical maze of cyberspace can lead you to deals GALORE! (Who likes a little sprinkle of Ebay with their coffee in the morning? I know I do.)

Since a penny saved is a penny earned, there is nothing more rewarding then scoring a fab deal online, in the comfort of your pajamas and morning matter what time of day!

And so, I applaud you, the makers of, a freaken GREAT website for scoring amazing deals on stuff for you and your kids. It's kinda like a for babies and mommies. The website features different sales on different days, and like Gilt, the sooner you get there, the better chance you have of adding the choicest items to your cart. (Note: Zulily starts 7am Pacific Time, so it favors the early parents of early risers, because who wants to be UP that early?)

Today I found some awesome organic onesies for baby Holland (since many of Marley's hand-me-downs are poop-stained--I clearly needed them, it's not because they were cute and on sale) and I also got a sassy nursing bra for myself. (Who knew that they actually make sassy nursing bras? Black lace and all? Hello!)

And did I mention most of the stuff is 60% off? Check out the website and subscribe to their emails today. But don't be hoarding all the good stuff in your carts!!!

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